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Do People With Hammers Really Kill More than People With Guns?

At one point on the show, we through out a report that more people die from hammers each year than by guns. Let's correct the record. Let’s look at the data read on air about hammers causing more deaths annually than guns. It came from the FBI directly:

1) Hammers is an example item under “Blunt Objects” which can include anything to cause blunt force trauma leading to death w/ the exception of hands/feet (those get their own column). The total number killed by hammers is, therefore, unknown – other than that it was less than 496 in 2011. But if we were to pretend it all blunt force trauma was caused by hammers, the number is no more than 496

2) The data suggested that gun deaths were fewer than that. This is because the data referenced only homicide by rifle which was 323 in 2011. The data totally ignores all other gun-related homicides in 2011 which are considerably higher at 8,583 (or 2,657% higher to be exact). This does not take into account suicides by gun which inflates that number even more considerably

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