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Clinton Foundation Exposed With Fraud (2/4)

• Before voting in the upcoming presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, viewers owe it to themselves and their children to understand the inner workings of The Clinton Foundation (TCF) based on recently released wikileaks emails from the HRC campaign.

• Chelsea Clinton wanted to “professionalize” TCF with an “internal investigation” into their finances to reform it.
• An independent “governance review” conducted by a prominent law firm that specializes in philanthropic issues concluded in 2010 that The Clinton Foundation was a tax-exempt public foundation with none of the independent oversight required under federal charity law. Donors had “an expectation of a quid pro quo benefits in return for gifts.”

• As a result of the audit, Chelsea Clinton, as vice chairman, recruited colleague, Eric Braverman, to become CEO and adopt the auditor’s recommendations. The Clinton Foundation’s tiny accounting firm was fired and replaced with Pricewaterhousecoopers. PWC's audit resulted in a total restatement of four years of TCF's financial statements. Under pressure from Clinton loyalists, Braverman abruptly quit a little over a year later. Bruce Lindsey, a long-time Clinton loyalist who Braverman replaced, is now back running the foundation.

• “This was illegal,” explained Wall Street analyst and philanthropy expert Charles Ortel. “This is a rogue charity that was out of control for years. And the trustees elected to not correct them. We’re not talking about people with no knowledge of the laws. These are people who can’t claim ignorance.”

• In the next video, we will look at how staffers responded to Chelsea Clinton’s review of The Clinton Foundation.

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