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Las Vegas Shooting Update: The Mainstream News Media Won't Ask These Questions

The Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay was the largest mass shooting in modern day American history. We’ve got 30 huge questions that the media won’t ask, so law enforcement isn’t answering. You’ll want to hear this, because you won’t hear it on mainstream news.

Now that Sheriff Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced they would no longer schedule ongoing press conferences for an investigation where we still don’t understand the motive, we have a list of 30 HUGE questions that neither the LVMPD or the FBI can or have been willing to answer. Let’s jump right into them.

#1 - During the shooting, why did Mandalay Bay guest, Brian Hodge, post to Facebook saying he was staying in room 32134 if the room was supposedly booked by the shooter? Upon returning from dinner that night, Brian Hodge confirmed via Facebook that he saw a security guard shot on 32nd floor before fleeing the hotel... And long before any of the rest of us knew a security guard had been shot. Or is Brian Hodge lying?

#2 - Given windows were broken out in rooms 32134 and 32135, why did police have to breach the connecting door between them? Wasn’t it open so that the shooter could travel back and forth between them? Does this imply that the shooter bothered to close the door between the rooms before shooting himself? If Brian Hodge had actually booked room 32134, perhaps the shooter never used the connecting door and, instead, moved between rooms by using the hallway. Or was there more than one shooter? And if room 32134 didn’t belong to Paddock, how did he gain entry into it? That leads us to question #3.

#3 - Considering we’re told Paddock made millions gambling and may have been a familiar high-roller at the hotel -- did Paddock coax a hotel employee into giving him access to room 32134? “Hey, excuse me, I locked my cardkey in my room, can you help me out?”

Perhaps he was helped by security guard, Jesus Campos. Which reminds me, while Jesus and his family were immediately placed under a gag order following the event, journalists are kept at bay from his house by an armed security guard working for a virtual company with no business license. Campos cancelled prior to giving 5 interviews to the media and instead gave one -- and only one -- in a highly questionable and scripted interview with Ellen Degeneres -- who, by the way, has her own slot machine with MGM. Why don’t they want him to talk? Perhaps his testimony would open MGM to lawsuits if he were to have made a fatal mistake, like inadvertently letting the shooter into another guest’s room. Or perhaps they’re hiding him away for an entirely different reason … which leads us to question #4.

#4 - Why didn’t Ellen ask Jesus Campos about why a leaked photo from intelligence sources shows that he’s sharing a social security number with another individual? Of course she’s not going to ask, but this raises an important question: is MGM hiring illegal aliens?

#5 - Back to the two rooms. Given the connecting door between the rooms with broken windows was closed -- and maybe even locked which led the police to breach it -- does recorded audio of the event demonstrate the shooter had enough time to move between these windows? Consider the audio of the shooting from two different locations here. Unless this video is proof of two shooters as some have theorized, the shooter had to back away from the window, exit from suite 32135 into the hallway, enter 32134, approach the window at the rear of the room, reload, and take aim… in just 15 seconds.

#6 - We can see from his view in suite 32135 that he had clear visibility of both the venue and the fuel tanks which were the only targets named by law enforcement. Given that, why did the shooter need to move into connecting room 32134 to break out the window? This is even more peculiar if he didn’t have easy access to this room.

#7 - Why is the shooter seen wearing gloves when most shooting enthusiasts online seem to prefer not wearing gloves when firing trigger-sensitive bump stocks? Generally, people wear gloves when temperatures are extremely hot or cold, or when they’re loading magazines. Seeing as the shooter had been in the room for the last week, he couldn’t have been concerned about leaving fingerprints, Was it not Paddock lying dead on the ground, but someone else who didn’t want to leave their fingerprints behind? Or perhaps Paddock was not the shooter, but an accomplice who didn’t want his fingerprints on the guns. Or perhaps he was just worried about burning his hands - despite using tripods and barrel grips.

#8 - Based on available pictures of Paddock, he appears to have been left-handed. It’s possible that at the time he was shot, Paddock was carrying -- and landed on -- the assault rifle seen under him and near his left hand. If that’s true, then why did Paddock pick up a handgun and shoot himself with his right hand?

#9 - Furthermore, why is the large gun positioned over his leg?

#10 - If Paddock wanted to die, why did he first shoot himself in the chest and then in the mouth? If you are skeptical of that, you can see what appears to be a gunshot wound in his chest. You can also hear two final shots just after he’s finished shooting into the crowd. Perhaps there was at least one other person in the room when Paddock was caught off guard and unexpectedly shot in the chest. This leads to question #11.

#11 - Why is there a trail of blood leading to the bloody handgun? Perhaps after the bullet pierces his lungs and he bleeds from his mouth, Paddock was then shot through his mouth and out the back of his head. The shooter then walks the gun away and drops it onto the floor a couple feet away.

#12 - What is the blue tubing seen in the leaked crime scene photo? We were told by the LVMPD that there was evidence suggesting the shooter intended to escape. Does the blue tubing lead to a vacuum system? Did the shooter intend to vacuum up the shell casings before escaping? What else could it be?

#13 - Police said Paddock had “personal protection equipment” with him. If Paddock planned to escape as we were told, how come he’s not seen wearing hearing protection or body armor?

#14 - What did the shooter use the green tape for? There is no evidence of its use in the photos anywhere.

#15 - Finally, why were these crime scene photos leaked in the first place? Was the leaker trying to show us something that conflicts with the official narrative?

#16 - Why are there no muzzle flashes coming from the room in any publicly available video? Go ahead and look. You won’t find any.

#17 - Why are there possible muzzle flashes coming from the neighboring Delano’s elevator shaft that are synchronized with the shooting?

#18 - The police scanner dispatch transcript references a shooting on the escalator between New York New York and Excalibur an hour after the Mandalay Bay shooting. Multiple eyewitnesses corroborate hearing a shooter in this vicinity, but there are no reported casualties. Is the source of this shooting coming from this helicopter seen flying over this very same location?

#19 - Why did the FBI change the timeline regarding when the security guard was shot from AFTER to BEFORE the shooting?

#20 - With so many guns and so much ammo, why did Paddock fire for only 10 minutes when police didn’t breach his room more than an hour later?

#21 - What did the shooter plan to do with the explosives discovered in his car?

#22 - Why is a team of heavily armed men seen exiting the Tropicana with weapons aimed at casino guests? In an unconfirmed article, TruNews suggests a FBI source claims the men were led by another FBI agent to retrieve the high definition security footage from the southern wall of Tropicana that overlooks the concert venue WHILE the shooting was still occurring. If so, why are they carrying a stretcher? The police dispatch scanner transcript shows that medics reported being shot at within the Tropicana. Was the stretcher for a wounded medic? More importantly, who was shooting at them?

#23 - According to the police dispatch scanner transcript, we know that there were shootings reported to police at no fewer than 10 hotels. We’ve linked to our other video that goes into this in great detail. But the media refuses to talk about this. By end of the first week, the largest mass shooting in modern American history was no longer being discussed by the mainstream media at all. Why not?

#24 - Paddock had physical ailments, according to his brother, stemming from a previous accident that occurred inside a casino when he slipped and fell. With no criminal history, no digital footprint, no criminal history, no history of mental illness, no physical anomalies found in his brain, what motive does an older man without any known political or religious affiliations possibly have?

#25 - Where is security footage showing Paddock anywhere in the casino during the week prior to the shooting?

#26 - What percentage of casino guests are able to make a pro-longed living from gambling? If the odds are quite low - which we imagine they are - why else did he spend so much time gambling? Was he laundering money? If so, what illegal activity was he engaged in? Arms deals? Was he doing just that for the government in an undercover operation that went bad?

#27 - Law enforcement hasn’t released any information regarding ballistics. Of the 23 games found in his hotel room, how many guns were actually used?

#28 - Despite being a central component in one of the largest investigations in America, Paddock’s house was burglarized in the middle of the night just days after the shooting. How does that happen? What were they looking for? And are there any leads?

#29 - And why did Paddock fly to Phoenix a couple of weeks prior to the shooting only to drive back to Las Vegas?

#30 - Finally, why aren’t the LVMPD and FBI holding any more press conferences anyway?

Well, that’s our 30 HUGE remaining questions surrounding the tragic Las Vegas Shooting incident at Mandalay Bay. These were our top questions, but we know there are dozens more. Let us know in the comments what questions you have and we’ll add them to our list as we continue our own investigation. And please SHARE this video. It’s a travesty that the media refuses to cover these details, so we must take it upon ourselves to keep the strange circumstances of this event at the forefront of our attention. Otherwise, the victims may never get the justice they truly deserve.

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