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Police Scanner Transcript Shows Reports of Shootings at 10 Hotels the Night of the Las Vegas Shooting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Las Vegas Shooting at Mandalay Bay

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On the night of the tragic Las Vegas shooting of concert goers to the Route 91 Harvest Festival from Mandalay Bay, the police scanner transcript shows that authorities received reports of shootings at up to TEN additional hotels, some nowhere near the Mandalay Bay. From that transcript, we learn of several interesting occurrences, including the following:

  • Police pursued and "pinned down" a possible suspect at Circus Circus just 45 minutes after the shooting ceased at Mandalay Bay
  • Two minutes later, police received the first of multiple reports of shootings at New York, New York
  • Over the next ten minutes, shooting reports and a bomb threat come in from Luxor, Excalibur, Tropicana, and Hooters
  • During this same time frame, multiple people are reported down outside of Zumanity within New York, New York
  • Police openly question whether these events are diversions
  • Within a couple of minutes, the Mandalay Bay shooter's room is finally breached over an hour from when the shooting began
  • Additional reports of shooting come in again from New York, New York and now Aria
  • Medics report being shot at in Tropicana. A video is taken of a team of heavily armed men (possible combination of police and hired security) entering through the hotel carrying a gurney
  • Over the course of the next ten minutes, multiple locations are cleared with police reporting back that there were no shots fired while new reports of shootings come in from Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, and Paris
  • Roughly an hour and fifteen minutes after the shooting started, police report a vehicle drive through the roadblocks near the festival grounds, continue north on Las Vegas Blvd., before turning east on Tropicana toward the airport and through a police command post that had been setup an hour prior

    The day prior to the shooting, union workers were required to complete mandatory active shooter drills which were scheduled to take place in participating casinos.

    Las Vegas Mandatory Active Shooter Training

    Las Vegas Shooting Hospitals Active Shooting Drills

    While there is ample evidence something happened at these hotels to send people into a panic (see videos below), there are no known reports of casualties.

    Several questions remain unanswered. Did these active shooting drills overlap with the Mandalay Bay shooting? Were these shooters firing into the air? Were they firing blanks? Were these events used as diversions so that others might freely most throughout (or out of) the city undetected by a distracted police force?

    Las Vegas Shooting Hooters

    Las Vegas Shooting Caesars

    Las Vegas Shooting Caesars Palace

    Las Vegas Shooting Map
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