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Was Charlottesville A White Supremacist Terrorist Attack As The Media Portrays It?

The car attack in Charlottesville which resulted in the death of a young woman (a member of Democratic Socialists of America and rumored member of Industrial Workers of the World - a communist organization) was labeled by the mainstream media as a "white supremacist terror attack" within minutes.

Trump, meanwhile, emphasized he was waiting for the facts before he addressed the event, but the media was quick to use this against him to imply his defense of white supremacists.

The media claims the driver is a self-subscribed neo-nazi who intentionally mowed down members of the counter-protesting left (BLM & Antifa). Whether or not his allegiance to an archaic and failed political party has any truth, we'll find out more when the trial unfolds.

A journalist from The Hill offered an alternative after interviewing police at the scene. Officers claimed they felt the driver was likely in fear of his life.

The Hill Journalist Charlottesville Police Fear Of Life Tweet
Having witnessed hours upon hours of these rallies personally, it's not uncommon at all for Antifa to lie in wait and attack rally participants when they are unprotected by the police while leaving the area. There is a considerable amount of video evidence online to support this. Watch left-leaning Tim Pool's videos of the rallies and it becomes clear that violence is often first initiated by the left whereas the right has no qualms at that point to join the melee in defense of the victims.

There is also substantial video evidence showing that both Antifa and BLM were not only in Charlottesville, but armed with baseball bats and metal pipes, attacking participants in the rally.

In this particular video, watch as BLM members follows rally attendees down the middle of the street. Among the BLM members was Deandre Harris, who can be seen wearing the blue backpack. Several minutes into the video, a BLM member wearing a pink shirt attacks with his stick, he's pepper-sprayed, and Harris is subsequently wounded in the head.

The media portrayed Harris as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, an innocent spectator attacked by dangerous white supremacists. Harris would later raise more than $160,000 online before suspending his funding activities.

Prior to the car attack, counter-protesters had setup an illegal vehicle blockade.

Charlottesville Antifa illegal vehicle blockade

In the next photo, if one were to follow the media's lead and presume this is a terrorist attack designed to inflict as much damage as possible in a short period of time, one might be surprised to see the driver braking.

Charlottesville driver braking

In the second photo, a protester strikes his car from behind, at which point he accelerates and hits the car that was previously obscured behind the crowd of Antifa protesters who were loitering in an unlawful assembly in the middle of the road.

Charlottesville driver struck from behind

As you can see, there was nobody in the maroon van which was parked illegally to block traffic at the intersection.

charlottesville vehicle blockade empty van

Once he crashes, the Antifa mob closes in from behind and smashes his car almost immediately.

Charlottesville Antifa BLM Attack Driver Bats

This is a frame before the guy behind the bumper smashes the window in with his bat.

Charlottesville Challenger Attacked Antifa BLM Bats Window

Charlottesville Driver Attacked Antifa BLM Bats

Charlottesville Challenger Driver Reverses Antifa BLM Bats Attack

It's noteworthy that police officers are nowhere to be seen throughout all this. Video shows police arrive at the scene several minutes after the driver has left the scene.

There is also now evidence that paid protesters are joining the right-wing rallies as white supremacist Nazis to incite the left into violent conflicts.

Antifa paid protesters become Nazis

The sad reality is that these events are designed to incite violence and pit races, classes, and ideologues against one another - distracting each other from their common enemy.

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