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Was Charlottesville A White Supremacist Terrorist Attack As The Media Portrays It?

The car attack in Charlottesville which resulted in the death of a young woman (a member of Democratic Socialists of America and rumored member of Industrial Workers of the World - a communist organization) was labeled by the mainstream media as a "white supremacist terror attack" within minutes.

Trump, meanwhile, emphasized he was waiting for the facts before he addressed the event, but the media was quick to use this against him to imply his defense of white supremacists.

The media claims the driver is a self-subscribed neo-nazi who intentionally mowed down members of the counter-protesting left (BLM & Antifa). Whether or not his allegiance to an archaic and failed political party has any truth, we'll find out more when the trial unfolds.

A journalist from The Hill offered an alternative after interviewing police at the scene. Officers claimed they felt the driver was likely in fear of his life.

The Hill Journalist Charlottesville Police Fear Of Life Tweet
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What Really Happened At the Battle of Berkeley?

Battle of Berkeley

The Battle of Berkeley was the third event that resulted in clashes between the left and right. Videos are linked to below.

Trump supporters came ready to defend themselves at their own event (mainly with wooden poles from Home Depot for their signs), but were unarmed by the police when they arrived. However, “Antifa” (worldwide anti-facist organization of liberals, communists, anarchists, and paid agitators) showed up and here are the highlights:
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