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Introduction To The ZDZ

Seek TruthOur objective is simple: to provide the platform for discussion and the resources needed to satisfy curious minds. You are here because you are not satisfied with your present understanding of reality. What you're being told day after day is not adding up. The truth is that every day more and more individuals in our society are silently arriving at the same conclusion; that what we perceive in the world today doesn't quite make sense. In light of today's current events, it has become increasingly difficult to connect the dots. You're not alone. Welcome.

How would you respond if the contributors at ZDZ were able to provide you with alternative perceptions of the world today? Would you open your mind?

Every Thursday night at 8-9pm KSCO radio host, Dane Sorenson, will take you on a journey through the sensitive landscape beholden to issues seeped in debate. He'll lead the campaign to get to the bottom of these issues by answering the foremost questions on everyone's minds by delving deep into case studies, scientific research, eyewitness testimony, and expert opinion. Where it doesn't exist, we will get involved and demand it.

You may already be familiar with these alternative concepts. However, if you're set in your ways and this notion sounds far-fetched, we should part ways now. But if even the slightest portion of your consciousness admits a degree of curiosity, I implore you to entertain this opportunity and feed that curiosity.

You might otherwise one day regret it. Buckle up, America! It's going to be a bumpy ride!