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US Troops Land in Syria to Fight ISIS While MSM Hides It

Our military has landed in Syria.

Mainstream media is reporting on it, but burying it (e.g. small headline
on CNN).

And why wouldn’t they bury it – especially when it doesn’t fit their narrative that the Russians/Syria government are indiscriminately killing the Syrian people. Because they’re not.
And if the Russians are so bad – why aren’t the mainstream media reporting that the US is over in Syria allying with Russia militarily? Surely our military is talking to their military and colluding with one another. But that would bring attention to their lies about what’s going on in Syria - and the truth would paint the Russians in a good light.

And where are all the anti-war liberals who can’t stand US military intervention?

As Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” The whole narrative collapses pretty quickly … and I can see why it might be difficult to figure out how to spin something when everything is propped up on lies.

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