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9/11: 15 Years Later & Its Lasting Impact

Yes, 9/11. I fact-checked claims in the following video relative to the background of many of these people he discusses and the data checks out.

After watching (should you do so), this becomes more interesting within the present political climate, given:

- Trump’s stomping grounds and social circles are in New York
- Trump’s background is in real estate, construction & Hollywood
- Trump received the equivalent of nearly $2 billion in free media coverage during the election (Clinton = $746MM)
- With the exception of Baron (his youngest), all of Trump's children are Jewish (married into/dating)
- Of the list of countries on General Wesley Clark’s list of those we planned to overthrow, Syria and Iran remain

Obama/Clinton were in the middle of finishing off Syria (after Libya), but Russia seems to have squashed that. Now things are heating up in Iran and Trump is leading the charge with talk of sorting out the former administration’s bad nuclear deal. The reality is that Iran should be happy with Trump because he intends to kill off ISIS, a bunch of crazy Sunnis that would love to wipe out Iran's Shia population. Yet the Iranian government (…or Israeli Mossad?) is spinning up anti-US propaganda and riling up the Iranian population.

If things significantly escalate militarily in Iran, I’ll be skeptical that the swamp has really been drained. Wouldn’t the strategic move to “drain the swamp” of the old guard be a clever guise to calm the people at home amidst the distraction of Soros funded social/class conflict … all while the middle east / Israeli agenda continues?

Trump has got to know something. Interestingly, Trump resisted Guliani’s strong push to join his administration. And the neocons are still shredding Trump every chance they get. I’m not sure what to think, so I'll grab my popcorn and get comfy.

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