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Anonymous FBI Agent Discloses All? (Part 2)

Anonymous FBI Agent
Here we go again. More from the anonymous FBI agent (see part 1). This was posted the day after his first discussion from the night before. And before Comey made the recommendation to not pursue Hillary Clinton.

Again, in his effort to maintain “plausible deniability,” there is no proof that this person is really from the FBI. They could be a disinformation agent. However, the circumstances of these discussions, their content, and recent after-the-fact leaks support that he is someone with some high level insider information. His goal apparently is to help this front-line of “information warriors” to connect the dots in their movement for greater transparency into the elements of government corruption (mainly centered around The Clinton Foundation).

Anonymous FBI Agent: I am a person with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton case. I will answer as many questions as I can without giving too much away. I see everyone has been digging on the Foundation. I have a few hours to answer any more questions you may have.

Q: Was the massacre on the Maidan in Kiev a NATO false flag, or Russian desperation? Who shot down MH17?

A: It was NATO aggression against the Yanukovych presidency. MH17 never crashed. It landed in Diego Garcia with other military assets. [edit: This whole situation is strange. Remember that MH17 was the same plane model as MH370 that disappeared over the ocean just a few months earlier.]

Q: Does Trump have an inside man with FBI? He knew about the result of the interview very fast and his sources were just. Sources. Beyond vague.

A: Trump has very influential people advising him. Michael Flynn is a big public name; who he brought with him we cannot know.

Q: Can you give the tl;dnr (Too Long; Did Not Read) of the last two threads? Will help people that missed and also avoid the basic bitch questions.

A: My point with the last two threads was to focus on making sure everyone knew the current scheme going forward. The e-mails will be made to look like the only scandal, and therefore Hillary will only be guilty or acquitted of one crime. The real dirt is in the Foundation. That was all I wanted to communicate. I did not intend to stay up last night as late as I was, and I do not intend to be vocal as long this time. So whoever needs an answer or a hint, now is the time.

Q: Have you read through the Guccifer 2.0 leaks? They have a spreadsheet that has 1,400 donors and all their contact information. Are those donors potential defendants in connection with CF criminal enterprise?

A: I have. Anyone with the CF is a target.

Q: If you are working on the Clinton case why are you so stupid as to post fake quotes?

A: I live in a free country.

Q: What happened on the plane? Did they talk about grandchildren?

A: BC most likely attempted to get LL to shy away from prosecuting/looking into the Foundation.

Q: Do you know anything about the veracity of mk-ultra, the monarch program, mind control slavery, and the like? Pop stars being slaves, owned by satanists (zionists), who make rituals in concerts to gather power for their nefarious schemes? That was just one example.

A: I have no knowledge of these cases.

Q: No way this is the same guy, but if it is, what was talked about today in the interview?

A: Legal is making sure she is not being coached, and setting up the types of questions they want to ask, swearing her in, etc.

Q: Is Bernie being vetted by the DNC to take over for Clinton before the convention? Would Bernie indict her?

A: Bernie is remaining in hoping for a Clinton indictment, but we do not know for sure what will happen.

Q: Why /pol/? Why come here and share any of this information on this site in particular if any of this is true?

A: /pol/ aggregates knowledge over a large area. Enough minds working in tandem can reveal quite a bit of information people wish to keep hidden. There is no such thing as an action which does not leave a trace; you simply have to know where to look. 10 people hunting for an answer is vastly inferior to 100,000 doing the same work.

Q: Is the indictment getting held up or is it not coming? In one of the prior two threads you said nope, nothing's happening unless Trump wins.

A: I said it was unlikely. We do not know where the chips fall. To be honest, I have not yet received any more word on what is happening.

Q: This is not the same guy btw. There's going to be a series of "fakers" now. Just so you know.

A: I am the same OP as last night's AMA threads. Whether or not you believe that is up to you.

Q: Hey FBI guy, were you the one that tipped off Trump that there'd be no indictment?

A: No. Trump is attempting to use confirmation bias to paint HRC as rigging the system. His campaign likely suspects that there will be no indictment.

Q: How do you attain a position like this in the FBI? What sort of training, experience, etc. do you need to be an analyst?

A: Apply on USAJOBS. But for high-level intel stuff, they usually come to you.

Q: We're starting to look into the CF. Any hints besides just looking?

A: Who donates to the CF? What people work within the organization? What kinds of people move from one geographic location to another after a donation has been made? Who has died after money has changed hands? Ask as many questions and connect as many dots. A bigger hint is to follow the money and the people. Pretend human beings are currency and see where they go.

Q: FBI-san, thoughts on Bitcoin? Does it have a role to play, or is it a joke?

A: Ethereum is more stable, from what I understand. Cryptocurrencies are of interest to us at the moment.

Q: What exactly are you looking for when looking into the CF? What is legally significant that we can comb through?

A: Donors, participants, people moving from place to place, events occurring after donations.

Q: What do you know about Carlos Slim and Carlos Salinas de Gortari? They're pretty big puppetmasters here in Mexico.

A: Not much about Slim. Gortari was a good president until he decided to follow Keynesian economics and spend his way to prosperity.

Q: Has OP [Original Poster] said anything really that isn't vague or /x/ tier – with no proof, or at least good evidence, that they are who they say they are? I mean shit, what if the emails are what we should focus on?

A: You should focus on the e-mails. HRC can go to jail for the e-mails alone. But, the problem is with the CF. Many more than her are involved in the CF, and the media is trying to bury that story under the rug.

Q: Can you give some kind of prediction of an event that won't compromise you but will prove you aren't another roleplaying Walter Mitty?

A: I am a high-level analyst and strategist, not a fortune teller. But I will repeat what I said last night: pay attention to the conventions. Insiders will doubtless work to make the GOP look bad.

Q: Why has Trump said that you won't be pressing charges?

A: Trump is most likely using confirmation bias to paint Hillary as crooked. His campaign is probably predicting no indictment, which makes her look guilty. If she does get an indictment, T will say "I told you so" and continue on his warpath.

Q: Do you have any information about Hillary Clinton and her supposed mini-seizures? or that she has had strokes before and is therefore mentally impaired to some extent?

A: Her health problems are seizures and bowel movement issues. Nothing more.

Q: How did Scalia die?

A: I do not know.

Q: Why are you wasting our time?

A: I am assisting with /pol/'s search for truth. I do not want HRC to get to the White House, and although I cannot reveal who I am or what I do, I can help shed a guiding light. I am being more generous than I wanted to as well.

Q: Is man-made climate change a real thing or a diversion/money laundering scheme?

A: Climate change is only partially correct, in that our actions have damaged the environment. The rest is globalist ideologues attempting to micromanage energy consumption, increasing their wealth and influence.

Q: What do you guys expect to happen with Vladdy holding all of Clinton's dirty secrets? Bribes, leaks, etc. I assume there's plans

A: Russia has files hacked from her server, but we believe he is waiting for the results of the DNC to make a move. He is also likely holding them for a possible HRC presidency. If she attempts to spark conflict, he will use the dirt to calm her down.

Q: With regard to digging into CF, where do we put our findings? And would it be legally significant to document the date of CF donations, where HRC and Bill were, what decision was before the State Department, and what the result was?

A: All of your questions are relevant.

Q: Gortari was one of the worst presidents ever, even so much as to now still be in control of what happens in the country with his Group; they're the ones who benefit from illegal immigration.

A: In his last year, he was bought out by US interests which led to many of the problems Mexico is having today. But for most of his presidency Mexico was booming.

Q: Do you think it's more than coincidence Trump decided to run during this particular election cycle? I have a hard time believing he would jump into the political fray unless he thought it was absolutely required.

A: I believe Trump jumped in at the right time.

Q: Show us your badge with a timestamp, or stop making these fake threads.

A: Plausible deniability.

Q: What's your c level?

A: I work in the purple.

Q: >> “I am being more generous than I wanted to as well.” << Well aren't you just a fucking boy scout?

A: I know what HRC brings to the table, and I want to make sure it does not happen.

Q: You said watch the conventions; is the RNC planning on assassinating Trump in Cleveland? The RNC's convention seems particularly dangerous with the coming protests and rules the city set up, and many prominent members of the GOP are skipping it.

A: Priebus is pro-Trump. RNC will not be attempting assassination, and I do not think a move is likely, but do expect riots and psychological propaganda to condition pro-Trump supporters against him.

Q: Are the 2015 returns being purposefully withheld by the FBI pending investigation?

A: No.

Q: There were a couple obvious fakes today, but so far OP's communication style is consistent with earlier threads. OP give us a comment on fluoride.

A: AFAIK [As far as I know], fluoride in water was an experiment by the Nazis to prevent the population from experiencing mass panic in the event of high-uncertainty situations. I am not fully versed on the medicine, however.

Q: Do you think there's a deeper reasoning behind Obama's gun regulation pushing? Is it really "I weep for the children" or is there shit in the wind, perhaps wanting to unfang the civilian population in the case of a full-blown civil uprising (as you've suggested there would be if all the information came to light)?

A: The push for guns is an attempt to de-arm the populace. It is a necessary component of globalization. The Red Team Planner details why the government is fearful of an armed population.

Q: Why are the Clintons so untouchable? Is it because of Bill's involvement in the JFK coverup?

A: The Clintons are untouchable because they know how to manipulate the system. Most of their uprising is due to BC. He is very charming and personable, and from the few times I have seen him, he excels at making people feel good about themselves. HRC has no such quality, but she is ruthless and cunning. Imagine Frank Underwood [of House of Cards], but more deadly and less charming.

Q: Is Trump his own man? Will his decisions be influenced by ((())) [jews/the elite]?

A: Trump is legit, and he is very aware of Jewish influence. Unfortunately, he cannot move forward without them [edit: all of Trump’s older children are married or dating Jews]. Trump is also a master of plausible deniability.

Q: OK. We're looking into the Clinton Foundation, probably we'll archive and compile our intel – if we do this, it is with the understanding that this information will hopefully be used to bring down the Clintons, Soros, and all the other ringleaders your organization can pick out of the information we compile. It is understood that this likely won't happen unless Trump is elected; and it is also understood that if Clinton wins, it will likely mean world war three – all we ask in exchange for this information we will compile is that PsyOps and the FBI do what they can to help us shill for Trump on social media. Fair deal?

A: Most of us want to do good, but political turmoil at the top prevents us. Remember, this scandal is massive enough to send foreign governments into conflict with us. We cannot simply turn over everything and hope for the best. With intel as high as this, many people have to turn away even if they get an inkling of what the details are. Gary Byrne's new book details this well, when he discusses his Clinton deposition.

Q: Out of curiosity: Is Benjamin Netanyahu involved in any of this? Is he a good guy? Can he be trusted? Does he stand with the likes of Soros or against the Globalists?

A: Netanyahu is a Soros collaborator and has control over HRC.

Q: How is Mexico involved with all the corruption? Should we all lynch our governments?

A: Mexico is actively trying to diminish US influence.

Q: Who in the higher levels of government is a genuine patriot?

A: Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Michael Flynn, Robert Gates, Comey (at times) [edit: This is prior to Comey letting HRC off], and most people at the FBI.

Q: What is your personal take on the future of the west ? Is subhumanisation our destiny? Your gut feelings about the possibility of closed borders? Deportation of non-europeans already present? Something more drastic? Not fortune-telling, just your take as an insider that interacts often enough with our dear elites and knows more than us their mindset. Are europeans ( not just in europe ) doomed?

A: I believe the west is deteriorating, but it will revive itself. Whites are not ones for self-defeat. They will likely rise up again and march on other civilizations. Many of my strategy buddies are predicting as much.

Q: What's the weather like for Hillary and her husband tomorrow? And which direction will the wind last blow before they go to sleep tonight? Please OP this is important.

A: Impossible to tell. The matter is being kept very quiet.

Q: >> Anon FBI Guy: Donors, participants, people moving from place to place, events occurring after donations. << Like this?:

>> The government of Brunei contributed between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2002, which said that the donation went toward the construction of the Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas. Clinton would return to Brunei that same year – this time without his daughter. Clinton was picked up at a Japanese naval base by Jeffrey Epstein and his private Boeing 727 – known to many as either "the orgy jet" or "Lolita Express" – and flown to Brunei to visit with Sultan Bolkiah, according to flight records. Epstein is a registered sex offender who would regularly host Clinton and many others at his private Caribbean island before being put in prison for sexually abusing underage girls around the globe. He spent just 13 months in jail for the charges, though evidence is reported to have existed that could have led to more serious federal charges such as using his private jet for sex trafficking. <<

A: Did anyone mysteriously disappear in surrounding locations, never to be heard from again? Were any of them attractive, young females? People are currency.

Q: Do you think Hillary Clinton would rig the general election if she is not indicted?

A: Yes.

Q: This guy is legit the same anon from last night. He's not one of the fakes from earlier today. Now, as to the authenticity of his claims of professional affiliation and the veracity of his analysis of current events. I leave that to you. Good luck my friends.

A: You have one thing correct.

Q: What happens if Obama pardons her?

A: Unlikely. BHO and HRC despise one another.

Q: If shit does hit the fan with civil war, is there an FBI plan to save themselves or anyone else? What would the best course of action for the standard citizen be?

A: We have a contingency for every scenario. Best course of action is to stock up on firearms and learn about civil war tactics.

Q: This is somewhat off-topic, but regarding Peruvian politics: Is Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) bought out by US interests?

A: Yes, he is a CIA plant.

Q: Can you give us any hope for the near future?

A: Action is better than inaction. Shitpost against the Clintons everywhere. Hammer the e-mails. Dig into the Foundation. Find every possible detail you can. And make sure the truth is never forgotten. Trump is not the perfect candidate, but he is not beholden to any foreign interest, which makes him superior to any other candidate.

Q: How badly did Brexit throw a wrench into things?

A: Badly, but backsliding is occurring. I stated last night that it is likely Britain will remain in the EU without being "in" the EU.

Q: For an "FBI" agent you seem to have a lot of info on foreign; since the FBI is domestic you're either full of shit or are NSA. I'm betting full of shit.

A: The reason why this case is so big is because we discovered from the servers that the Foundation is involved, and when we combed through Foundation records we found much more damning evidence.

Q: OP, any comment on North Korea?

A: NK is dangerous, but not unmanageable.

Q: RE: Netanyahu/Soros ..... who else should we keep an eye out for that /pol/ should expose on Social Media? Many of us here are genuine patriots that want to help in any minuscule way we can. Any other shady Soros-esque individuals that we should keep an eye out for? Also, any other organizations like the Open Society Foundations and the Clinton Foundation that we should keep an eye out for?

A: HRC (obviously), Soros (hammer him as hard as you can), Jesse Williams, Tim Wise, Sidney Blumenthal, Huma Abedin, George Stephanopoulos, any high-level Saudi official.

Q: Tell me how right Stephen Coughlin is? How high is Islamism in the threat ranking?

A: Coughlin has the right idea, but meddles personal politics too much with the truth.

Q: Who controls the actions of Merkel? Is Germany independent, or tied by secret WWII agreements?

A: Soros/Israel. Germany is bullied into behaving by Israeli ambassadors.

Q: Should we be looking at connections with Turkey?

A: Turkey's bid to get in the EU is significant.

Q: My question is with regards to Angela Merkel. Why did she open the flood-gates? Is she a Soros plant / puppet? I am aware that Soros is actively involved in trying to destroy Europe through his Open Society Foundations through mass immigration. Is Germany screwed so long as Merkel is in power?

A: Merkel opened the floodgates due to Israeli pressure and a need for Western civilization to improve birthrates. Merkel will be removed soon, but the next leader will be chosen if Germans do not take their election into their own hands.

Q: I have two questions: First, does Clinton have any actual political stances, or does she just go with whatever is in vogue to keep in power? Second, did Brexit have any noticeable effect on the upper echelons of the government? Thanks in advance. Your threads are cool, even if it's possible that we are all just being duped.

A: HRC delivers what she is paid to. Brexit was significant because the vote was rigged, but the numbers in favor of Leave are far higher than reported. It sent shockwaves through the EU and globalists, but they are committed to keeping Britain under control. That's why Farage is being outed.

Q: Is Russia's current intelligence similar to that of the old KGB? Was the interview with Yuri Bezmenov legit?

A: Russia has learned a lot from us. Yuri interview is significant.

Q: If you guys recommend indictment to the DOJ, will they take protective custody of HRC? and will that effectively end her presidential campaign?

A: I am not a lawyer, so I am unaware of how it will affect her campaign. But it should disqualify her. They will arrest her if we recommend prosecution.

Q: Do you intend on continuing to do these AMAs [Ask Me Anything]?

A: No. I did not intend to do another one after the two last night, but I saw some of the threads today and many people wanted more answers, so I am doing what I can. Understand this makes me very uncomfortable, but there is enough plausible deniability to keep me safe.

Q: How bought and paid for were the other candidates? Like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush?

A: Rubio actually was not bought and paid for until Bush dropped. Cruz is a stubborn ideologue; the only people who contribute to him are similar-minded people who can tolerate him (there are not many). Bush was totally a puppet. I smiled many times at watching his demise.

Q: Is Justin Trudeau involved in any way? Also, does the FBI know why Canadians are so cucked in the grand scheme of things? Most people I meet are red-pilled (from my province at least), but as a whole we're a bunch of ninnies. Can nationalism be sustained and thrive in Canada, especially if Trump wins? Help me /fbi/bro.

A: Trudeau is the political equivalent of having a toddler driving a car. He is too immature and an idealist to even handle the complexities of the real world. Canada is buying into the trend of liberalism among Western cultures, which is why it is so fucked. Nationalism can arise anywhere the native people begin to feel their country is being taken from them. Canada does not have these huge inclinations (yet) because it is a very diverse society.

Q: What exactly is in this that is bad enough to start wars with foreign powers? Please be as specific as possible.

A: SAP-level programs detailing our operations in foreign countries. That is all I can say about that. Do not lose sight of the SAPs on HRC's server.

Q: Also you mentioned the plains of Africa last night. Does that mean the Sahel or the southern African grasslands? Why would the US fight China there?

A: Africa is predicted to be the central meeting point for world power. Superpowers do not mind testing weapons/tactics against each other, damage to life would be irrelevant, and whoever wins could take over the fertile resources afterwards. That is also why China has been doing so many FDI deals with Africa.

Q: Is global warming real, or a meme?

A: GW is a meme with some truth.

Q: When you mentioned a global war over Africa, did you mean there will be food shortages?

A: Possibly.

Q: Is there estrogen in the water?

A: No.

Q: If you'd like to stop people's impersonation of you, you could use a tripcode. Also: could you further elaborate on MH17, perhaps any evidence as to its true fate. Real or not, bless you FBIanon, /pol/ hasn't been this good for a while.

A: Plausible deniability.

Q: Is China looking to escalate hostilities with Japan or are they more focused on Russia for the foreseeable future ?

A: China seeks domination of the South China Sea and the annexation of Taiwan, and more control over Hong Kong. Japan is a secondary thought. They will most likely work with the Russians if they face conflict with us.

Q: Well, going off of his last threads, if Hillary did sell SAPs to foreign governments, they would have secrets that would paralyze the US goverment as it stands today. They would have to be swiftly annihilated. EMPs dropped so nothing gets out, and totally burning the earth which that goverment ruled.

A: Correct.

Q: Yeah that's why I'm questioning the decision not to release as well. The rest of the world is fully aware of what we are doing and they haven't declared war on us yet. There is nothing you can release that they don't already know.

A: AFAIK, other governments only have pieces. Russia has the most, including some of our SAPs.

Q: Global warming is real. The issue is that humanity plays an incredibly minute part. Global warming and cooling occurs from volcanic eruptions and gas being released via the earth's crust.

A: Correct, and our orbital climate. But there is evidence we are damaging the environment. However, this damage is easily rectifiable.

Q: Are there any royal places involved or places where historically they were used as a stepping stone? Luxembourg, Switzerland, San Marino, etc.? Besides the actual money laundering, of course.

A: Financial tax havens are always of interest.

Q: What are the safest areas in Europe and North America if shit hits the fan?

A: Europe: Italian peninsula, Northern bloc. USA: The plains, anywhere mountainous, avoid large cities. Always remain near water.

Q: Can you point me to where I can find her list of meetings (not speeches) or travel record?

A: What plane does HRC, BC, CC, the CF, and others use? How much does it fly? Where does it fly to? How much gas does it use per trip?

Q: Is there any chance that they will try to rig the elections against Trump? Is there anything we can do to help him? I realize now that most of the polls that are coming out are absolute BULLSHIT and completely rigged in HRC's favor.

A: Microsoft is already writing algorithms to use against Trump. Vote en masse, shitpost against HRC, and keep on the e-mails and CF.

Q: If a war broke out, what country would objectively be the best place to hide?

A: Anywhere mountainous and near rivers.

Q: What is your job series and grade?

A: I am a GS 15 [highest security level below executive leadership], that is the most I can tell you.

Q: With this election being one of the most divisive Presidential elections in US history and people having such opposing views on the likely candidates, does the FBI expect mass civil unrest following the election regardless of who wins?

A: Yes, but DHS is preparing.

Q: Which is worse for the USA: the Saudi Arabian lobbyists, or the Israeli lobbyists?

A: Both.

Q: Realistically speaking, how many more years does America as a nation have if: A: Trump gets in, or B: HRC gets in

A: A) Wild card. B) 2 at most. We will immediately go to war.

Q: How fucked is the core of the Republican Party? Were they planning on throwing the election before Trump stepped in?

A: The 17 candidate field was used as a massive distraction to get Bush in. Trump disrupted that narrative. The general pattern the Republicans use is to float different front-runners while keeping their main person in the background, then at the very end the candidate they want is selected. Remember in 2012 Romney was always being shadowed by other front-runners until he eventually got it. I called it long before he was chosen. The same thing was tried with Trump. After the RNC saw that "establishment" candidates were not working, they tried pushing Carson (which is why he rose to try and overshadow T). Trump's campaign is textbook PsyOps.

Q: You've said previously that Soros has visions for a new world order. He also has a habit of funding "new wave" humanitarian studies (women's studies, cultural studies, etc.). Does he believe in these areas of education, or is this a method to mentally slave upcoming youth potential intellectuals?

A: Ideological enslavement.

Q: How orchestrated is the SJW [Social Justice Warrior – e.g. BLM] influence on culture?

A: All of it.

Q: You've said there's going to be war if HRC is elected. What's the expected timetable of war declarations if there's a Hillary inauguration?

A: 2 years we expect her to launch into war with Russia.

Q: What percentage of what you've told us in these threads is factually true?

A: You will find out if you try. As I have said, many people will remember these threads once they connect the dots.

Q: What does the average American have to lose with the global elites running the country? Like as a white American male, how much influence does the power of George Soros have on everyday life? Is a plutocracy really that bad? Why should I care? I am very Trump btw, just curious

A: You should know by now.

Q: It does not make any sense. There are not many Jews out there. For what you say to be true, it would mean that they would need to increase the Jewish birth rate tremendously.

A: Jewish =/= zionist or globalist

Q: If Clinton does go down before the convention, does Bernie get the nomination, or does the DNC screw him with Biden? What are your thoughts on a possible President Sanders? Any big, worrying dirt on him?

A: We estimate the DNC will go with Biden. I studied Economics, and I am 100% not for Bernie, but anyone is better than HRC.

Q: You mention that Mexico is trying to lessen US influence in their country; are they doing this by taking in all that Chinese and Korean investment? Or what's happening there?

A: Mexico is attempting to take US business away and send the impoverished and crime lords over to the US through immigration. Import wealth, export problems. That is their intention.

Q: If the secrets you spoke of in your other threads are released, is civil war likely in any other western countries or just in the US?

A: Impossible to tell in other countries, but it is likely. 100% certain in US, should everything get leaked.

Q: What we're gonna have to find on the CF will have to be something the press isn't even aware of, isn't it? We'll have to pull some primary doc? It won't just be about drawing new links from among various pre-existing media pieces…

A: We do not simply get loads of documents in cases telling us where everything is. We have to use info already out there many times to put the pieces together. Why do you think we love Facebook so much? All movements leave a trace, no matter how hard people try to hide them.

Q: I've heard a lot of rumors Flynn might be Trump's VP. Do you put any stock in these and would it signal his willingness to clean house? Who should Trump avoid as a stooge? What are the best open-source materials out there, in your opinion, to research the CF?

A: I am pretty sure none of the popular names are going to be chosen. Trump likes to test his moves before making them. News, travel logs, financial statements, missing persons reports, sexual assault cases (hard to get, but possible).

Q: Tell me about Japan, FBI anon. What is their role in all of this? Willing? Or a reluctant accomplice?

A: Japan is our economic ally, they generally want no part in our politics.

Q: Do the CF leaks prove a massive, almost exclusive hand in manipulating world events, world pop culture movements, government topplings, food shortages in Venezuela, etc.?

A: Yes, especially in Venezuela.

Q: Can the gov. manipulate weather for uses of war? Is the CF tied to this?

A: Yes, but not for war. CF involved.

Q: Do the CF leaks link drug and human trafficking profits or activities to black ops funding?

A: Both.

Q: Is this all a CIA cartel that won in a struggle of power in the '60s?

A: Not exactly.

Q: Who if anyone can the public trust going forward when you go dark?

A: No one is trustworthy, not even Trump.

Q: Does the U.S., through the CF or other means, have secret alliances with what the public and other allies believe are our enemies (as in Iran being a secret ally in some fields of interest, if anything)? Is North Korea involved and rightfully questioning the U.S. by threatening war? Or just an insane buffer country for China? Are U.S. trade deficits with every country real, and are they a ploy to keep these secret alliances happy with a little extra wealth?

A: Yes to all of your questions.

Q: God Bless you anon. These are some major Truth bombs all over the place. Will take time for me to properly digest all of these red-pills.

A: Do not let go of the Foundation or the emails.

Q: You claimed to be an FBI analyst, right? Why would you know so much about international affairs, which would fall under CIA jurisdiction?

A: Imagine intel works at three layers: analysts gather data, middle-managers compile and see the data, then top brass decides what to do with data. There are obviously more layers, but I am at the high end of the middle layer. I see the big picture. Big picture is not purely domestic, especially not with the CF.

Q: About the people smuggling, are US girls smuggled in a similar fashion as the Russian girls? Do they smuggle some into Israel too? Are there boys or men smuggled? What kind of people are smuggled, where do they fetch them?

A: Boy play is big in Afghanistan. They even have a term for it. Girls are traded like commodities everywhere.

Q: So the Russians have the most pieces, but by no means all of them – would they have enough to initiate the outcome you've referenced or not, and if not, would any other outside entity, either a government, corporation, or individual, be able to do so – or is the FBI the only entity that seems capable of doing so? Does anyone else have sufficient knowledge of these SAPs, or is this more or less contained?

A: We know Russians have things, but not the extent to which they have them. The Chinese do as well. How they will use them is up for debate. This is another reason why most of us are very angry with HRC – she has compromised us, and we do not even know how bad it is. She is involved in the OPM [Office of Personnel Management] hack, which has put many of us at risk.

Q: If it weren't for the fact that you've brought up Michael Flynn’s name in the past few threads you've made, I'd think you were completely full of shit. Whether or not you're actually in the FBI is indeterminable, but you're clearly in the know in some regard.

A: Flynn is a very powerful figure. It is no small circumstance that he is advising Trump.

Q: A very close family friend of mine, a man who I have known my entire life, who I view as a big brother, has been a member of the FBI for 23 years and recently I spoke to him about this kind of stuff and what he said (or hinted at) was eerily similar to what OP has been saying in these last couple threads. I do not get to see this man very often, for he lives near D.C. and I live in New York, but during this wedding we stepped outside to enjoy a couple cigars and I used the opportunity to bring the current state of politics and politicians in America up. The things he said scared me. We only spoke for about 20-25 minutes and there were a lot of things he would not answer or get into much detail about, but he said a lot of things that not only match what OP is saying, but things that now show me that the problems are well known by top-level intelligence agencies who can hardly do anything about it. I don't expect anyone to believe me, but shit man.. This shit is really starting to make me nervous about what is going to happen in the near future.

A: We all know what HRC and the significance of the CF is.

Q: FBI bro, do crisis actors really exist?

A: Yes.

Q: My last question is with regards to Paul Manafort. Can he be trusted? Is he a true patriot or is he controlled by any Jewish money? He seems to have a lot of connections with Russia and the previous leader of Ukraine.

A: If Trump wins, it will be because of Manafort.

Q: You imply that many in the FBI are jew-wise and do not appreciate the spiraling, self-destructive chaos that is occurring. If that is the case, and it has possibly been known since Kennedy's assassination at least (yea or nay?), then why has shit been allowed to only continue to get exponentially worse and worse?

A: Some of us do. Some of us love Israel. 80% of all intel is compartmentalized, so most people do not see the big picture at all. I see the totality of it. I am the other 20%, and if I spoke publicly or directly, I would be drawn and quartered tomorrow. I signed my life to my country to discover its darkest secrets, and it disturbs me daily.

Q: I have been trying to explain to my family how war under HRC is inevitable. Damn. Good thread OP

A: Explain to them every place she has touched has collapsed or fallen into war.

Q: What's your opinion on Libertarians and Paulbots? Decent ideology? Misguided? What would the FBI think of a Bernie administration, on the other hand?

A: Bernie would be a disaster. Libertarians, like the Tea Party, started out strong, then became a poor meme.

Q: Is the Philippines tied to anything? Or is it something important in some other way?

A: Rodrigo Duterte is very interesting to us.

Q: Why would Russia risk a war with HRC over thinking they could bribe her?

A: HRC wants war with Russia.

Q: What's with the sudden push for a North American Union? What at all would we stand to gain?

A: Same motive as the EU. Todd Huizinga's book details very well.

Q: Is Trump connected to Epstein in any incriminating manner?

A: No.

Q: Who or what group(s) are behind the current scourge of multiculturalism and PC garbage?

A: Israelis, Soros.

Q: What can I do to better this country and possibly prevent WWIII?

A: Help push against HRC.

Q: Is Shinzo Abe trying to make Japan independent from America because they know America is dying?
I find it odd Japan has not been mentioned yet considering how big of a country they are to the world.

A: They enjoy our defense contributions and our economic clout.

Q: Will the South rise again?

A: In a civil war, we expect such a result.

Q: When you say that the Social Justice Weenies influence is orchestrated – do you mean the media is pushing that narrative? The colleges? Who's most involved?

A: Media, colleges, feminists, politicians. Academics are cancer.

Q: How involved in the really damning Clinton shit is Teneo Holdings? I saw an article that included them with the Clinton Foundation for a 27-month delay on releasing emails. They are a consulting firm set up by Clinton insiders.

A: Keep going.

Q: When you say DHS is preparing for civil unrest, do the multiple sightings of UN armored trucks have something to do with this?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it a good idea for 4chan to mass-report the Clinton Foundation for charities fraud?

A: I honestly did not think of that, but it would be funny to see.

Q: In what ways are DHS preparing for civil unrest? And are their preparations a cause for concern? Is an actual civil war a realistic scenario expected by any of our intelligence agencies?

A: Buying loads of hollow-point bullets, increased equipment, etc. Any military-style police preparation should raise alarms. Intel agencies prepare scenarios for all kinds of events.

Q: What are the odds that the FBI only takes her on the e-mail scandal and not the CF RICO possibilities?

A: Very likely, which is why I made these threads.

Q: What direction can you point me in to find the human trafficking please? Are fronts like Leaders and Company Ltd and the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation anywhere near the right direction, or should I stick to looking into Tavistock?

A: On the right track.

Q: How much impact is /pol/ capable of having in regards to the CF? Will weaponized autism be enough to indict Clinton? What the hell can Canadians do about Trudeau?

A: As far as Trudeau, wait until conditions become bad enough (public debt will balloon and resources will be squandered), then begin to advance populist candidates.

Q: What do y'all think the nature of the civil war would be? Is there a very contentious issue within the info the public is unaware of that would set people off enough to fight each other? We're at a boiling point, or so it seems.

A: Not sure. Race war is a theory. North v. South is a theory. Coasts are as well.

Q: Just how much paid shilling is there on /pol/? I'm about to graduate with a Computer Engineering degree, and it looks like most of the tech business is located in cities. Are there any cities in particular that look safer during a shit hits the fan scenario?

A: Lots. Cities are the worst place to be in a disaster scenario.

Q: Do we side with muslims or jews?

A: Jews. Muslims are a greater threat due to numbers. Jews can always be managed.

Q: Do you have any knowledge at all about unethical human experimentation? In particular, "hybrids". Potentially related. A simple yes or no would go a long way.

A: No.

Q: How do you envision the second American civil war unfolding? Who are the sides, what are they doing, who is backing them, etc.?

A: No idea for civil war; it depends on how it is initiated and for what causes.

Q: In Venezuela, is this a simple psyop to use as a meme against the pitfalls of socialism to discredit Bernie in an election year? Or is this more a natural resources grab/ topple the government in favor of puppetry once and for all after years of "passive" aggression?

A: Venezuela's fall is part socialism, part US meddling.

Q: Do the CF leaks prove any election fraud in the US in this election or any other election? Am I correct in assuming they definitely have their hand in foreign elections?

A: CF leaks prove fraud of many kinds; they are more domestic in nature though.

Q: What movie, if any, that you have seen accurately predicts how massive this situation actually is?

A: The International is the closest thing which comes to mind in terms of scale.

Q: Does the Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings' death have anything to do with CF?

A: Yes.

Q: So I don't know if you're the real thing at all but I used to work in the CIA. It was a sorta low level management job but it didn't stop me from being suspicious of my surroundings and everyone around me – government jobs have a tendency to mess with your brain like that. They get in your head and tell you to always look over your shoulder – you never know who might be a spy. This was tough for me because I had a loyal friend in the CIA who was probably a Russian spy. She'd even hint at it with little winks and nods here and there. I never did report her to my bosses as my friendship with her was just too important to force her into potential prison. It ate at me for years so eventually I quit and never told anybody about her. Shortly after, she left the country – presumably to share classified U.S. info with Russia – and never spoke to me or anyone I know again. Totally screws with your brain. If you are indeed in the FBI, OP, have you had any similar experiences? (One thing I can confirm true about FBI anon's statements is government officials actually legit love 4chan btw.)

A: Yes, we have a heightened awareness of espionage.

Q: Is Obama really working for the Muslim Brotherhood?

A: Work with, yes.

Q: FBI anon, is there any news site or channel you trust and think is the least shit?

A: I will say I read the financial papers more than any other. They tend to be more accurate since money is dependent upon it. Asia Times is great too.

Q: Has there been any talk on the possibility of states leaving the union if any of these scenarios play out? ex. Hillary winning, war with Russia, all of this info on CF leaked

A: Texas is a concern in war game scenarios.

Q: But our [Mexican] elites profit from deals made with your [U.S.] elites; they welcome our American overlords even if it destroys our local industries. There's more money to be made with foreign investment in Mexico and the rape of our lands. I don't see why they would want to push away American businesses. I also don't see them caring about social collapse, since they live very comfortable lives abroad or in gated communities.

A: Short-term profit thinking has led to many of the problems with modern business.

Q: What exactly about what this OP is saying makes you think it's true, especially when 90% of it is him answering questions about nuclear war and Europe when he is supposed to be some random FBI insider?

A: My former job was a strategist for war games with Russia. I planned and theorized about almost every angle of a theater war with the Russians; that is why I know about European situations.

Q: The Pope has come out in support of the migrant immigration into Europe; is the Vatican being influenced by political/Soros money? Are they compromised?

A: Yes.

Q: Was Clinton just shitting around when she said something a month or two back about wanting more public transparency regarding Aliens and UFOs to get that fringe ufo-nut vote?

A: Yes.

Q: How much of this shit does Trump know about? How much of this shit does Bernie know about? How much personal information about individual 4chan posters is shared with the FBI or other 3-letter organizations?

A: Trump knows quite a bit. Bernie knows nothing classified. We do not have access to a lot of personal info from 4chan.

Q: How bad is Sen. Feinstein involved with the CF, HRC, and Soros?

A: Do you even have to ask?

Q: How much do you know about Manafort? There are rumors he worked for the Russian mob, so he may be a conspirator.

A: Manafort is a master at managing elections.

Q: Do you think there are people of the FBI right now sweating bullets because of your presence in these threads? How do you feel about the thought of your co-workers attempting to establish your identity at this very moment?

A: I am sure some flags have been raised.

Q: Do you know if Soros has any handlers and if so, can you name them or at the very least give us a trail to follow?

A: Soros is the kingpin.

Q: Are there bastions of SAPs in Antarctica?

A: I could not tell you even if I wanted.

Q: Is Putin a perfectly reasonable man when it comes to rightful conflict or interests? For example, doesn't Russia just want to acquire territory to the south for warm-water ports?

A: Russia acts within its own national interests. Whether it is reasonable or not depends on your viewpoint.

Q: Did we purposefully leave the oil after Iraq for Iran to take after we left during the war?

A: No, we left it to create ISIS.

Q: OP let's say I had the opportunity to ask Comey anything. What would you recommend asking?

A: How many years in prison would I get if I did what HRC did?

Q: What can we do about election fraud?

A: Vote overwhelmingly for a candidate.

Q: I dealt with espionage in Europe. My team was changed from 2d MI Battalion to 66th MI BDE. What is the name of either the original 2d MI team or the new (current) 66th MI BDE counter-intel espionage team? You would HAVE to know this.

A: You can find your BS question "details" by googling it, you moron. At least try to postulate a better question.

Q: Why would HRC want war with Russia?

A: Her donors want it because Russia is the last bastion of nationalism/white civilization. It also seeks to undermine the dollar-dominated financial hegemony.

Q: Is Chelsea appearing to be as corrupt as her parents?

A: Chelsea is just as bad as her parents.

Q: How in bed with the Clintons are the Bushes?

A: Clintons are not in bed with Bushes, but Bushes are just as bad.

Q: Would a Jeb presidency have accomplished the same endgame as a Hillary?

A: Jeb would have made us look like Canada.

Q: You say Trump is not trustworthy – is this based on his own narcissism or selfishness, or has he been co-opted already? Any links to Trump and human sex trafficking?

A: I say Trump isn't trustworthy because no one truly is. That's standard intel mindset.

>> events occurring after donations << Can you be more specific? Like happenings or big business transactions/ stock market changes?

A: Yes!!!

Q: How much sexual exploitation of kids goes on in Hollywood?

A: More than you could imagine.

Q: >> We do not have access to a lot of personal info from 4chan. << hahahahaha holy shit who the fuck are you kidding If you were an actual FBI agent you would know about PRISM.

A: NSA has more in that department.

Q: Did BC and HRC pimp out Chelsea to anybody?

A: I am unsure.

Q: Realistically, is there a timeline for SHTF in America? I can't help but feel that it's coming soon; something in the world feels accelerated. I want to know how much time I have to homestead innawoods.

A: If HRC gets elected, we anticipate 2 years before major conflict. If Trump, likely no conflict but economic chaos is a concern.

Q: Is there a way to preemptively prevent the rigging of the upcoming election? Can/will the FBI expose Soros?

A: Yes, No.

Q: What about the Rothschilds funneling money to and propping up Soros?

A: Follow the thread.

Q: Can you give me a heading to continue in, please; don't know where to go from here?

A: The goal is to keep asking questions until you can ask no more. Think of the craziest questions and see if the dots fit.

Q: Are the Rothschild, Rockefeller, or Warburg families related in any way to the CF and/or to the European mass immigration crisis?

A: Yes.

Q: >> No, we left it to create ISIS. << Whoa, hold on there, buddy. Are you being cheeky with this line or do you mean to imply that the creation of an ISIS-like group was an intentional goal during the original Middle East wars? Also, what's the chance of a draft in the case of a Russian war under HRC?

A: We created ISIS and other terrorist groups to destabilize the dictators we had previously put in place. I personally believe the draft is unlikely; some buddies of mine think the probability is very high.

Q: Is Gov. Charlie Baker connected to Hillary at all?

A: Yes.

Q: How much of the military will side with the American people over the fed, how many top generals are traitors?

A: Look into Red Team Planner.

Q: Are the polls accurate? I find it hard to believe that there are that many people who would vote Clinton. Are they REALLY rigged or just slightly at the moment?

A: Polls are lies.

Q: This is getting a bit into conspiracy theory territory, but you said you were a big-picture guy, so here goes: With all the globalism being pushed for the last few decades, is it looking like there is some kind of NWO world government that's going to show up in the next few decades? It seems like if they can resolve the issues of China and Russia, world government is possible.

A: That is the end-goal of all of these movements.

Q: Are there any congressmen/women that can be trusted? I used to work for one.

A: Some. Rand Paul is actually a great guy. Jim Webb and Martin O'Malley are also great. Alan Grayson is also a very good person.

Q: Can you say what area/direction in the CF investigation Hastings was going to go public with?

A: He was going to reveal ties to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Q: >> NSA has more in that department. << FBI has extensive access to PRISM and this is a well-known fact, you fail.

A: Because of the nature of how 4chan makes posts, we do not actually know who is posting what on the site. We know who comes here, who visits what board, but it is very tough to find out who posted what. NSA probably has a means to do so, but trying to find a poster on 4chan is like trying to find someone shouting a specific sentence on an elevator full of screaming people.

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