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Do Neocons & Neolibs Really Care Anything About Government Transparency?

Hell no. They only care about not airing their own dirty laundry and the United States true agenda. For example, there are pictures/videos of neocons, like Senator John McCain, meeting with ISIS/Al Qaeda during the Syrian civil war crisis, while he protects his interests there and claims Russia is a greater threat than ISIS.

John McCain ISIS Syria

We also have neolibs caught on tape (John Kerry) admitting he wants war, the US wants regime change in Syria, and the US is working with and training ISIS/Al Nusra/Al Qaeda.

This particular video, starring total neocon Lindsay Graham, enraged me. Particularly this quote right at the end:

"I hope you will understand, President-elect Trump, that the Russians did interfere in our elections. You're the legitimate president, they didn't change the outcome, but they released information embarrassing to the democratic party, it did affect Hillary Clinton. It wasn't hacking into the vote itself, but it could happen to republicans in the next election by Iran or China if you don't push back now."

This guy is straight up saying that TRANSPARENCY to the American public is not in the American public's best interest. God forbid it happens to the Republican party and him (I pray that it does). He effectively admits that even with what the Russians did allegedly (and they have provided no concrete evidence to support this to date), it had no impact on the outcome of the election, but that we must push back (to war??). AND WHY? Because the Russians embarrassed the Democrats. That's what he said. And CNN loves it. And the Democrats love it. And the CNN audience loves to see scared Republicans warring with each other.

We need Trump to put in congressional term limits ASAP, so we can clean our government of this cancer.

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