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#ElsaGate: Letting YouTube Babysit Your Children? See What They Have Been Watching [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you have left your children to their own devices with YouTube parked in front of their faces, then it's possible they have seen one of thousands of videos targeted at children starring the likes of Spider-Man and Elsa from Disney's Frozen. But these are not your typical renditions of the famous web-slinger and princess. Upon closer inspection, we find that these characters - at the behest of their manipulators - engage in disgusting behavior that is otherwise inappropriate for the youthful audience they target.
Worse yet, these channels - most of which are still active - are a playground for pedophiles to interface with the children that come to watch them.

After years of ignoring the pleas of concerned parents who left comments and filed reports against some videos that had received more than 100 million views, YouTube has recently begun to remove some of the worst offenders under growing criticism as knowledge of these videos becomes more widespread.

However, what you'll see below are NOT those videos. The samples below are still active and accessible.

Click on the image below to get a taste of just some of the thousands of videos that have racked up more than a billion views generating millions of dollars for YouTube at the expense of our children.

Elsagate YouTube

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