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Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy: What the Media Is Hiding From You

Buried in the police scanner broadcast from the night of the Las Vegas Shooting are details we all should find extremely interesting… and we’re about to show you why.
On the night of the tragic Las Vegas shooting of concert goers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival from Mandalay Bay, the police dispatch scanner broadcast shows the moment authorities became aware of an active shooter.

But, sadly, that was only the beginning. Over the course of the next hour and twenty minutes, police would receive reports of multiple shootings occurring at up to TEN additional hotels, some that are miles away from Mandalay Bay. From that transcript, we learn of several interesting occurrences, including the following: 45 minutes after the shooting ceased at Mandalay Bay, police pursued and "pinned down" a possible suspect at Circus Circus. Circus Circus is nearly 4 miles away. Two minutes later, police receive the first of several reports of active shootings at New York, New York and Excalibur, including reports of multiple people down just outside of Zumanity. Clearly the news was traveling fast.

Police then describe a report of an active shooter using the escalator between New York New York & Excalibur. In a live-stream from after he escaped the concert, listen to this witness describe what he saw after approaching New York New York from outside.

Over the next ten minutes several more disturbing reports come in, including a bomb threat in the valet area of the Luxor. Police units would secure and evacuate the area 20 minutes later.

Now more reported shootings come in from other hotels. Emergency vehicles quickly collect out front of Hooters as the rest of the hotel is put on lock-down.

At this stage of the police dispatch broadcast, police begin to openly question whether these events are diversions. It’s at this time - over an hour later from when the shooting began - that the Mandalay Bay shooter's room is finally breached. But the influx of shooting reports from other hotels is far from over. Renewed reports of shootings come in again from a park outside of New York, New York … and now Aria, too, with one guest capturing footage of a potential suspect.

And the chaos continues. Now more reports of a shooting in Tropicana.

Corroborating this testimony, police receive calls from medics in Tropicana claiming they’re being shot at. At this point, video is captured of a team of heavily armed men -- possibly a combination of swat, security, and police officers -- exiting Tropicana carrying a stretcher.

Over the course of the next ten minutes, multiple locations are cleared as police curiously report back that NO shots were fired

But the shootings don’t end there. Now reports flood in from 3 more hotels starting with the Bellagio. Here’s hotel guest, Rene Downs, describing her experience that night.

As Rene hid under a table near the lobby in the Bellagio, a report of security searching for a gunman at the Paris come in now. And finally – the last shooting report arrives from Caesars Palace – nearly 2 and half miles from Mandalay Bay and over an hour after the original shooter had fired his final shots.

Now, in the middle of all of this chaos – hotel shootings, people stampeding, medics reporting being shot at – police call in a suspicious vehicle as it drives through their roadblocks near the festival grounds. Listen.

The vehicle would continue north on Las Vegas Blvd. away from the concert venue, before turning east on Tropicana through a police command post in the direction of the airport. Now that vehicle may have been full of nothing more than frightened people simply trying to get away from the hell that had surrounded them – people guilty only of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it raises an important point: Were the police correct in concluding these hotel shootings might have been diversions? Diversions so that perpetrators of the worst mass shooting in modern day US history might have been able to quickly and easily move throughout the city undetected while police were distracted.

Despite all this shooting activity, there were no reports of casualties in any of these hotels. Were the shooters firing into the air? Were they firing blanks meant to frighten people, sow chaos, and clear the streets by forcing hotels into lockdown? Or were some of the 58 who died actually killed at locations other than the concert venue?

And finally, on the day prior to the shooting, union workers were required to complete mandatory active shooter drills which were scheduled to take place in participating casinos throughout Las Vegas. On Facebook, a women at the event describes how she called the three closest hospitals to inquire about a gunshot victim. She wrote, “I received the same reply from each facility. There were NO gunshot victims admitted to this facility, you may want to check with police. One woman said, if you are referring to the crisis drill that everyone keeps calling about, then I’m sorry, there were no real gunshot victims, that was just a drill.” She finished with, “If you don’t believe me, call them yourself,” and provided the phone numbers.

Is it possible these active shooter drills were simply the justifiable mechanism to position the required assets, assets who later executed these diversions, diversions that helped spread thin the police response as the city turbulently dissolved into confusion and chaos?

Maybe we’ll never know. But, we promise you: we won’t stop looking.

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