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Mainstream Media Won't Show You The Dead European Children Killed By Terror

But they will shove injured and dead Muslim children down your throats. Ever wonder why?

At least one child (and possibly a baby) were killed in the recent terror attack in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve seen video from bystanders to corroborate this. Shepherd Smith of Fox News just said, “We can’t show the video because it would be against FCC rules.”

They won’t show you dead European children killed by radical Islamic terrorists, but they’ll rub dead and gassed Syrian kids in your face for days to drum up support for a war where thousands of American soldiers will go to die in a Middle Eastern "civil war" that our own government helped influence illegally via weapons funneling to fictional Syrian "rebels" (i.e. jihadists) – no FCC rules there. No, just more evidence of their hidden agenda.

Remember this poor kid?

The event was staged. His image appeared on 400+ newspapers.
Syria child ambulance hoax mainstream media

His father went public to say his son was used by insurgent jihadists in Aleppo for propaganda.

Similarly, a dead refugee boy was re-positioned on the beach for dramatic effect by the press.

Refugee Child Beach Manipulation

Again, the image was used everywhere in western media.

Refugee Child beach mainstream media

Finally, we have the dead children allegedly gassed at the hands of Asssad (largely suspected of being a false flag, Seymour Hersh's intel sources tell him that both Trump and the intel community were aware Assad and the Russians were not responsible for gassing these children).

Syrian Children Gassed Mainstream Media

So what's missing from mainstream media in the west? What are they choosing to not show you? Right, the western European children killed at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists who have arrived in droves by way of liberal open border policies.

From the van attack in Barcelona, Spain:

Dead Girl Terror Attack Barcelona Spain

From the truck attack in Nice, France:

Nice France Dead Child Terrorist Attack

From the truck attack in Sweden, Stockholm:

Stockholm Sweden Dead Child Terrorist Attack Censored

Perhaps showing these images makes the prospect of fighting for open borders in the USA a much more challenging endeavor.

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