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Obama Diverted $3 Billion From Taxpayers To Liberal Activist Organizations

Obama Bank Rolling Leftist Organizations Taxpayer Money
Obama abused his power and diverted $3 billion from taxpayers and funneled it into liberal activist organizations that are currently protesting Trump, his supporters, and town hall meetings across the nation.

“Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of nonprofit organizations involved with grass-roots activism.”

Obama now sits in his brick bunker down the street from the White House spearheading protests through his nonprofit, Organizing For Action, as he dials-for-dollars from the likes of George Soros and other liberal billionaires to supplement what control he has over the liberal organizations now squatting on $3 billion in money that should have gone to the Treasury Department.
Trump went on Fox and Friends today and declared that Obama and his people are behind the recent leaks that threaten national security.

As the process continues, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by the sheer amount of corruption crap floating along the bottom of the swamp.

“The protests are as organic as a plastic cup,” says Fitton. “There is a massive left-wing infrastructure in place trying to protect the monstrous government created by the Obama administration.”

Rumors are running heavy right now and people are behaving erratically. Apparently there is much more to come as Trump starts to divulge just how deep the corruption goes. Trump needs to take someone down for corruption, he needs to show evidence of the “swamp.” This would go a long way to shutting down the mouthpiece of an irrational opposition.

Other unfolding developments include:

  • Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, admits the Obama administration had no evidence supporting collusion between Trump and the Russians. Yet mainstream media continues to pedal the daily narrative that Trump and his administration are Russian agents.

  • Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower leading up to the election. Trump is at Mar-a-Lago meeting with his lawyers, Sessions and senior aides. He’s told the press to go home and not to return. Rumor is that ever since Snowden divulged the existence of the mass-surveillance capabilities of the NSA, all the dirty politicians in D.C. have been pulling strings with their intel buddies there to abuse the system

    New York Times Trump No Evidence Wire Tapped

  • Obama made an 11th hour change to the chain-of-command for the Attorney General position should Trump’s future AG be “recused/removed” from their position (as did happen this week – so in other words, they planned for this). Obama's change called for an Obama loyalist to step into the role – thankfully, Trump reversed this change within the last month

  • Loretta Lynch releases a video calling for… what… civil war? Is she scared of something?

  • Right-wing media is being censored heavily by Facebook, YouTube, and Google. For example, Alex Jones has lost $5 million in revenue after Google shut off one of his revenue streams through the advertising platform, AdRoll.

  • Conservative figures with huge audiences are being drug through the mud by mainstream media with completely fabricated story-lines: Alex Jones being sued/threatened/forced to fire reporters, Milo lost his job/book deal/tour, PewDiePie called a nazi, Roger Stone poisoned with uranium, etc.

  • Those covering “pizzagate” are being heavily threatened right now by people on the left who are trying to bargain with these right-wing media figures to turn on Trump and say he’s behind it all (Podesta is on video saying Trump is “pedaling pizzagate”)

  • George Soros’ son delivers a public service announcement, “The question is, which of these flags will fall first?”

    Alex Soros Flag Falls First

    George Soros Friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton
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