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Trump Inauguration vs. Obama Inauguration

The media has been making a comparison between these two inaugurations.

I did an analysis of Trump’s crowd by comparing CNN’s gigapixel image of the inauguration to the popular overhead image taken from the monument at the rear.

And this is what I found...

The gigapixel image does NOT refute what is seen in the overhead image meaning the overhead image is accurate for an unknown time-frame after Trump started speaking. However, when you assess factors influencing the delta in crowd sizes, it becomes abundantly clear that the narrative here is in alignment with the media’s ongoing agenda to de-legitimize President Trump by making an otherwise meaningless comparison. Consider the following:

1) Extreme bias. Obama’s 2009 inauguration was selected as it was historical in that it celebrated the election of the first black President. Nearly 50% less people attended his 2nd inauguration.

2) D.C. demographics. 50% of Washington D.C.’s population are black. 38% are white.

3) D.C voting record. Obama won 93% of their vote in 2008 (250k voters). Trump won 4% of their vote in 2016 (13k).

4) Distance. Trump lost by a wide margin in the surrounding states of Maryland and Virginia. Trump supporters had further to travel in 2016 than the locals of 2009.

5) Increased Security. Fencing was not present for either the 2009 or 2013 inaugurations.

6) Effective Protests. There is ample video evidence online showing that liberal protesters not only planned to block the gates, but succeeded in doing so (violently). There is also evidence of police telling Trump supporters they were ordered not to remove the protesters. As a result, gates were closed and Trump supporters were bottle-necked in unknown numbers trying to transition through security.

7) Weather. Rain was forecast in 2017, not in 2009. Relevant particularly as it applies to local turnout (admittedly low numbers, but still a factor).

8 ) Proportional Representation. Finally, when looking at crowd size in proportion to the popular vote, we find that Trump’s turnout was historically predictable and similar to the recent President’s before him with the exception of Obama. With an estimated crowd size of 350k, Trump’s crowd size proportionality was 0.6% of the popular vote. Both Bush inaugurations were 0.6%. Even Clinton’s first inauguration was 0.5% (Obama’s were 2.6% and 1.5% respectively).

Given these factors, it would be more interesting to see an image used of Trump’s inauguration toward its end if any comparison were to be made. It’s of absolute no surprise to anyone that the first black President is going to get an abnormally high turnout in a predominantly black city that voted for him in a huge majority without any blockades. So this is a pointless comparison and, if anything, shows the media is up to their usual agenda in an effort to de-legitimize the new President.

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