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Truth About The White Helmets, What's Really Happening in Syria & Why It Matters

The White Helmets have been celebrated on the likes of 60 Minutes and a documentary short about them won an Oscar in the 2017 Academy Awards. But what if I told you it was all nothing more than a load of propaganda crap?

So here’s who the White Helmets really are:

They’re a propaganda organization funded by the US. Western media uses them as a way to flip this war around and make it look like Russia is helping Syria bomb their own people.

When you start to look at this whole war objectively, the circumstances of what the US mainstream media tells us makes no logical sense. Assad is destroying his own cities/ infrastructure/ people/ economy? The same country he wishes to rule over? And what the hell for?

The reality is that Russia is helping Syria protect itself from the invasion of jihadist terrorists. The US has long known for decades that terrorists like ISIS have infiltrated countries that have fallen into ruins where the US has initiated regime change (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya). Syria is simply next on the long list of countries that the US has targeted.

So, yes, that means the US and its allies (under Bush(es)/Clintons/Obama/CIA) has funded ISIS/ISIL toward destabilizing the middle east in the push for regime changes. The US media lies with no hesitation, so most don’t realize this. But this is fact backed up by leaked/declassified documents, particularly those released from Wikileaks in recent months.

The strategy of regime change benefits US/Israel interests because a) no non-ally Arab nation can become powerful enough to become a regional threat b) creates refugee migration as a means to force open borders elsewhere in western Europe (servicing the globalist agenda via the UN's replacement migration program).

To put it simply, apart from Russia's resource interests in the region, they are tired of the USA's crap in the middle east and are helping Syria stand up to it. This is partly why the US adamantly labels Russia an enemy and fabricates fake news implicating them in “hacking” our election – whatever that means. This is in reference to the DNC/John Podesta emails leaked to Wikileaks, emails Julian Assange has repeatedly said did not come from Russian sources, emails that simply showed voters how corrupt the Democrat party is operating currently.

The US mainstream media has grown increasingly desperate in these final days leading up to the inauguration and are complicit in helping Obama start a war with Russia through a series of undermining legislation and false flags (e.g. signing a bill to censor conservative media, cyber-attacking conservative media, saying Russia hacked our elections, assassinating their ambassador, blowing up their choir on the plane, killing people in the Turkish nightclub, leveling sanctions, sending their diplomats out of the country, saying they are planning on taking down our power grid). What’s next?


This is top-tier crazy level stuff. The current administration is absolutely out of control, trying to sour our international relationships, de-legitimize Trump’s presidency, and are still angling to start WW3 (Russia/Syria/Iran/China vs. US/NATO). Russia knows this and is holding out until Trump is sworn in because Trump knows better (e.g. will ally with Russia/Syria, fight jihadists instead of fund them, shuns the mainstream media, praises Putin, etc.).

Some have said we’re living in incredible times…. most in the US have the wool pulled over their eyes and really have no idea.

In close, here is an image of the White Helmets responding to the alleged "sarin attack." The image to the right shows the response to a legitimate scenario where sarin is present.

White Helmets Responding Sarin Attack

white helmets al-qaeda

White Helmets With Al-Qaeda Again

White Helmets with Al-Qaeda Nobel Peace Prize

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