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U.S. Provokes World War 3 With Russia? (1/4)


• US citizens are too caught up in the dirty politics of the presidential election to take notice….

• Russia has mobilized for war against the US and taken numerous actions that include ordering all Russian children to be withdrawn from overseas nations, conducting a nationwide disaster preparedness drill with 40 million people, Putin convening the “Holy Council of War", moving nuclear ICBMs to their borders, nuclear submarines moving to “strike points," ordering Russian Ministries to bunkers, instructing their people to find their nearest bomb shelters, and General Igor Konashenkov bluntly warning that any effort by American airpower in Syria will be countered with live fire.
• Sec. of State John Kerry (and Hillary Clinton) wants a no-fly zone over Syria. Enforcement would mean a US war with both Syria and Russia, the top US uniformed commander told the Senate Armed Services Committee. A US Army Chief threatens war with Russia.

• German Foreign Minister says tensions are “more dangerous” now than at any point during the Cold War.

• Vice President Joe Biden announced that the USA is planning to hit Russia with a massive cyber strike due to Russia's alleged interference in the presidential election (but has still not offered any proof despite indicating that 17 intelligence agencies have reached this conclusion). The Russian Ministry of Defense states that even if true, releasing Hillary Clinton emails to the American public is more akin to a “public service.”

• Putin authorized their Ministry of Defense to “immediately retaliate” by targeting coastal regions with a “special weapons barrage.” It includes high-power microwave (HPM) e-bombs, cruise missiles, and artillery shells that use electromagnetic radio pulse to disable computers, electronics, vehicles, guided missiles and communications while leaving people/structures unharmed. Decree specifically states they are only to be used against coastal regions where the oligarchs of this nation rule from, thus leaving the “Heartland of America” (ordinary people/citizens) unaffected.

• Jill Stein recently came out warning that Hillary Clinton will start a nuclear war with Russia if elected.

• The US and its middle eastern allies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel) are interested in stoking chaos in the middle east to limit any nation from becoming too powerful. This is done through regime change which creates vacuum for opportunistic rebel and Islamic extremists to leverage.

Russia does not WANT war with the US (much of this is posturing). They are simply tired of US actions in the middle east and at their borders in Europe (installing faux missile defense system against non-existent Iranian nuclear threat).

• It’s not about how crazy Russia is, but how crazy is the USA to continue to provoke this war. If attacked in Syria, Russia will have no choice but to retaliate.

• Obama’s administration appears ready for war, as is Hillary Clinton.

• Future videos will detail theories around why they are doing this by using emails leaked by Wikileaks. The implications do not paint a pretty picture.

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