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What Really Happened At the Battle of Berkeley?

Battle of Berkeley

The Battle of Berkeley was the third event that resulted in clashes between the left and right. Videos are linked to below.

Trump supporters came ready to defend themselves at their own event (mainly with wooden poles from Home Depot for their signs), but were unarmed by the police when they arrived. However, “Antifa” (worldwide anti-facist organization of liberals, communists, anarchists, and paid agitators) showed up and here are the highlights:
• Burned American flags
• Disrespected disabled veterans
• Smashed windows of nearby vehicles
• Threw smoke bombs and M80 explosives into the crowd a couple dozen times
• Pepper sprayed women and elders in the face
• Threw glass bottles, 2x4s, bricks, and huge rocks – hitting some people in the head
• Tried to roll over people with a dumpster
• Brought sticks and knives – stabbed someone
• The cops were ordered to stand-down and watch during the major conflict

Trump supporters appeared to have enough and the event culminated in their beating the living crap out Antifa with their fists while chasing them out of Berkeley.

Despite Antifa and moderate Trump supporters sharing similar views on things like foreign policy and personal liberties, it’s clearly escalating in the manner billionaire George Soros and Co. desire through their efforts to distract the public by engineering political and social division. It’s almost as if Berkeley is being leveraged as ground zero for escalation. Just a matter of time until someone is killed at one of these events … which is consistent with the environment law enforcement is allowing.

MUST WATCH: BATTLE OF BERKELEY from Luke’s Rudkowski’s of We Are Change (R-Rated for violence/language):

Liberal journalist (transitioning to conservative), Tim Pool, also documents the event:

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