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Why Might Israel Support The Existence of ISIS In The Middle East?

Israeli Intel Chief Doesn't want ISIS defeated
Several things to consider when evaluating their position:

  • In the Bible, Genesis 15:18 says, “In that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying: 'Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.” This land is commonly referred to as Greater Israel:

    Greater Israel

  • All of the USA's primary Middle Eastern allies are Sunni nations: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt. Terrorist organizations such as ISIS/Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra/Taliban are Sunni and funded primarily by those nations. With the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the jihadists are engaged in conflict to kill Shia Muslims (and Christians). Hillary Clinton admitted this in private speeches to Goldman Sachs that were leaked by Wikileaks (see the attachments). Her leaked emails, in collaboration with Sidney Blumenthal, supported the same conclusions.
  • Iraq was Shia. Libya was Shia. Assad is Shia. Iran is Shia.

    Wall Street Journal Israel Concern With Iran Not ISIS

  • Saudi Arabia is currently bombing the people of Yemen in what is likely a move to gain control over access to the Red Sea. Yemen is about 50% Shia. With respect to the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia wouldn't be upset to see Iran disappear either.

    Israel ISIS Useful Tool Against Iran

  • Israel is happy to support this because:

    1. Muslims are busy killing each other
    2. Sunni nations (by way of their jihadist tool) destabilize the Middle East such that no enemy of Israel becomes powerful enough to legitimately threaten their existence, or stand in the way of their greater aspirations as described above. Shia nations have always known this – and are, perhaps, not as evil as the mainstream media leads its viewers to believe
    3. Opportunity for land-grabbing excursions to satisfy their desire to create Greater Israel
    4. Access to more resources for them and their partners (e.g. Golan Heights in Syria). Check out Genie Oil’s board which is a party of necons (a movement beginning in the 70's which had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary, published by the American Jewish Committee)
    5. Regime changes have led to a destabalized vacuum into which jihadists flood and create outward refugee migrations. In reference to relations between Jews and non-Jews, Abhodah Zarah (26b, Tosephoth) of the Talmud states, “Even the best of the Goim [non-Jews] should be killed.” The Talmud is not kind to Christians even a little bit. Strategically taking out northern Africa and Middle Eastern nations (Libya, Iraq – and now Syria) has opened the flood gates allowing refugees into western Europe, thereby creating a crisis in these largely Christian nations. Jews like Barbara Specter are vocal with regard to leading the way in bringing multiculturalism into western Europe.

  • The “liberal” media that once crucified Donald Trump for his “America First” anti-war stance in the Middle East, has now been very supportive of his decision to go after Syria (and Russia by proxy) – just as Hillary/Obama had planned leading up to the election. I thought these progressive liberals were once the sort of folks that protested wars. Instead, they’ve been too distracted by the race/class/age/gender/sex conflicts that George Soros has helped fund through his Open Society Foundation. Believe it or not, it’s Trump’s moderate/right-leaning followers who now protest this inverse reality as his support deteriorates. Who owns the US “liberal” media (ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Comcast/NBC, Hearst Corporation, USA Today, Viacom, Disney, and more)? Mainly Jews, many of which may have a strong allegiance to Israel.

    CNN Jewish Leadership Employees

    NBC Jewish Leadership Employees

  • Even Jared Kushner talks of the impact visiting the European concentration camps had on him. He turned around and bought The New York Observer for $10 million at the age of 25. His dad, by the way, is a convicted criminal, and their real-estate family is beholden to the Chinese for old family debts.

  • Servicing the agenda to destabilize the Middle East is why the mainstream media inundates western nations with gassed children in Syria, a drowned Muslim refugee child on the beaches of Europe, the wounded Muslim child in the back of the ambulance -- but never makes any mention of the dead Christian children in Europe like the 11-year-old Swedish girl that was run over by the terrorist in Stockholm, or the little kids that were run over just the same in France and Spain.

  • So why this Russian “bad guy” narrative? Russia, by and large, is a nationalist Christian nation (similar to US/Trump) that are working against this agenda by assisting Shia Muslims against Sunni/Wahhabi jihadists. After the election, Trump/Tillerson pulled a 180 and moved to assist the Russians. But with what was so obviously a false flag gas attack in combination with Trump being surrounded by traitorous swamp dwellers beholden to corporate interests and allegiances elsewhere, he may be getting bad data in an effort to keep the long-standing agenda in the Middle East moving forward as it always has. I guess it should be of no surprise that both of Trump’s senior advisers are Jewish. As was Hillary’s (John Podesta), as were Obama’s (David Axelrod & Rahm Emmanuel), as was Bill Clinton’s (Rahm Emanuel, Sidney Blumenthal), and so on.

  • By these measures, it would be of no surprise to see Israel eventually turn on Sunni nations once the Shia nations have been all but wiped out. And unless Trump cleans out the swamp ASAP, the US will continue to assist them in that process – all while sell-outs like Hillary will continue to tour the nation and say (as she has in the last 24 hours), “We can’t protect Syrian babies … and close our doors to them.” Barbara Spectre would probably move back into the US in an instant if she knew she could lead the way to increased diversity and multiculturalism here in the US in what could lead to the eventual destruction of the Christian values the country was built upon.

    Israel Helping Syrian Moderate Rebels
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