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Your Flu Shot Can Lead To Viral Shedding


Dane: Welcome to Zero Doubt Zone, Liberty, what's on your mind?

Liberty: Good evening! My son's wife, she won't let her kids have anything to do with her cousins because her cousin is really adamantly opposed to vaccination. "My kids can't play with your kids. They might catch the flu because the other kids aren't vaccinated."

Dane: /laughs

Liberty: Actually, it's possible for a child with lower resistance to catch the flu from a vaccinated child.

Dane: Yeah, Liberty, we actually...

Liberty: Are you aware of that?

Dane: In 5.8, Phizer's insert for the flu shot says that there's a 28-day viral shedding period. Man, he's talking about the damn insert again. Yeah! Because nobody freakin' reads them! Yes, that is actually scientifically proven. We had an acquaintance who works in the industry. My wife and I had a discussion, my wife goes, "Well, did you know that there's a viral shedding period where if you get the shot there's potentially up to two to three weeks of a viral shedding period. And this individual had no clue. And they're in the industry! If your kid doesn't have the virus, they can't spread the virus. Hello! But if you get a shot, the pharmaceutical company says, "Yes you can spread it because there's viral shedding.

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